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C & T

Posted by Jen on March 20, 2012

I know Tabitha is tall for 17 months, but she looks like such a peanut compared to my monster Connor


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One Response to “C & T”

  1. jamieS says:

    Hi, I was just cleaning out my email and I came across your question about the shorts pattern I use for my son. I emailed you back from my phone, so I just now saw that your email settings are set to “no reply” and you probably didn’t get my answer…

    It is a girl pattern, but the simple shorts patterns are pretty much all the same. (Loose and baggy…) I have probably made him 8 to 10 sets of shorts from that pattern. If you have a Joanns or Hancocks near you, that pattern is frequently on sale for 99 cents.
    Good luck!