I have now for at least 3 weeks….it’s so annoying because there’s nothing online or anything, but her recent wardrobe choices (or at least the person who is paid to dress her) all seem to be trying to hide the middle.
Of course only time will tell….isn’t my life interesting? To clarify we leave Rachel Ray’s 30 minute meals on for Connor to watch while Jen is making lunch. Don’t believe me? It’s true I swear!

10 Responses to “I think Rachel Ray is pregnant”

  1. She sure looks it to me — maybe 4-5 months along. What is the big secret anyway?

    • Rachel Ray is not pregnant. I watched the Thanksgiving Live show this weekend and Rachel started the show by demonstrating an alcoholic cocktail which she proceeded to drink after mixing. I don’t think she would be that irresponsible if she were pregnant. It seems to me she just put on a few pounds and is trying to camouflage it with darker colored and looser fitting clothes, but so what?! Who doesn’t battle the overweight demon especially when you’re big boned to begin with?

  2. I’m watching her new show right now…and I’m pretty sure she may be. Her shirt is a little loose in the middle not like her other clothing choices she used to wear. She also seems to be leaning over the counter top more than normal as well. Sort of in the way that someone has a little extra in the front…

  3. I am watching her new show and just the way she is bending, and lack of that high energy I am used to seeing from her plus the evident wardrob change all screams pregnant. – agree. She lokks around five months maybe further.

  4. I agree, she looks PG today (10/20/11) I don’t know who dresses her, but she is looking really frumpy. Talk about needing a makeover. The short look is definitely not for her with those heavy thighs.

  5. It’s either prego or implants! She also seems to have filled out in the chest area!!

  6. Woman when pregnant almost always sound like they are congested or nasally and Rachel is definitely sounding a little nasally to me!

  7. it would be great.i know she says she never wanted children,but GOD works in mysterious ways.

  8. Definitely- she does look pregnant to me- I hope it is true- she is such a sweetie. I don’t know what the big secret is either unless she fears the outcome will not be successful…

  9. I think she may be…today she is wearing a loose sweater that lays on her belly sometimes and it appears there is a baby bump. Plus, she seems to ask for help a lot with heavy pans…don’t remember her doing it so much!!

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