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Leave it to my son to be the only kid hopping around like a crazy person.

Jan 232014

New Ringtone: Lego City Undercover Theme

Dec 162013

I installed XP on an old iMac a while back to use as a treadmill computer but I could never get the thing to auto update to SP3 or update at all. Well today I took a new crack at it and even re-installing IE8 wouldn’t get it working….I tried to download the SP3 manually but it still wouldn’t install complaining about no free space.

I have 200gb free.

So I finally tripped across this advice below and sure as heck after I did it I was able to install SP3

1. Click Start – Run – Type “Regedit” and press Enter.
2. Navigate to:


3. In the right pane, Right-click and select New – String value (This didn’t work for me. I had to use the top menu bar to select and edit “New” and “String value”)
4. Name it as “BootDir” and set it’s value to “C:\”
Close “regedit” and install Windows XP – SP3

Sure XP is a dinosaur but I’m just looking for something to surf on (not using IE thank you very much) and play maybe a few stupid games while I exercise/stand.

Dec 022013

Photographic proof it is possible for me to smile. :P

Oct 022013

I had to put Chloe down on 9/28/13 due to a tumor. He was a great friend to me through a lot of rough times and he will never be replaced.


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Sep 192013

Sep 182013

Fun fact: I cringe when people say Obamacare non ironically.

Back on christmas Jen got me a Kreg pocket Jig and a few other accessories. Since then though I’ve only had time to use it once to “patch” a kitchen chair that broke so we were keeping our eyes out for projects to use it on to build stuff for the kids/house. No literally she has a like a whole Pinterest page of stuff for me to build.

Well with the long weekend coming up I figured I could finally find time to get some experience in with it and make something for the girls. Jen showed me the baby doll bunk bed design from Ana White and I thought it was perfect. I didn’t end up using a whole lot of tools but what I did use was:
- Table saw (for ripping a 1×2 down for the 3/4″ parts)
- Chop saw
- Kreg kit
- Pneumatic nail gun with 1 3/16″ nails (just what I had lying around)
- Normal stuff, screw driver, tape measure

My point is you don’t need a lot. Now there is a HUGE ERROR in the shopping list. You need at least four 1″x2″x8″ boards not three. I ran out of wood before I could finish and had to go back to buy more. Other than that all you have to do is follow the directions and use the right size Kreg screws and it’s really easy. I did most of it in poplar wood but i recommend using Pine if you choose to do it. I also could have probably wood glued more of it if I had patience and didn’t have three helpers around me. I ended up dropping a few nails into the ends of the rails to prevent any possible spinning. Since I built two of them I took pictures of the second one next to the finished one just for comparison.

Also one other thing is that I had scrap 1/4″ plywood already so I used that for the bottom of the bunks. I don’t have a powerful enough stapler or the right size nails so I used 1/2″ screws. I figure out the door it was pretty much under $30 each with the spray paint included.

The finished product after they dried:

Jen is going to make some little mattresses for them and pillows but my work here is done :)

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