Jul 072014

Jul 062014

When we purchased the house back in 2004 we immediately bought a brand new front loader LG washer and dryer from Best Buy (god did they f that up but I digress…). So flash forward about a decade (holy shit I’m old) and the gas dryer (DLG0332W) stopped working earlier this week forcing to rack dry our clothes.

I had just finished repairing my sisters laptop power jack (damn you gravity) so I wasn’t looking forward to a new project but honestly I didn’t want to spend $200 on a service call or $1000 to replace them with new models. Apparently the LG’s have diagnostics built into them so running them pretty much showed that it just wasn’t heating. Motor was fine and everything else just no heat. I did a little googling and found the service manual for it online and a few discussions about common failure points….thermistors, flame detectors, gas valve, igniter, etc. Basically all stuff you can test with the service manual and a multimeter.

Flash forward to yesterday and I do this:
LG dryer mostly disassembled.

I pretty much tore it down to bones so I could reach all the stuff to test and the end result was simply a popped circuit breaker on the high limit thermistor. All I had to do was push a little button and had I known that I could have avoided taking out the drum entirely. Here’s a picture of the little f**ker.

popped high limit thermistor

See that little black nub between the red and white wires? Push that and you get heat. Yes it’s that simple….four screws and you can reach it and fix it but only if you know that’s the problem. However as I tore the dryer apart and saw all the lint inside I wasn’t actually too upset. I also found two of the drum wheels were pretty close to seizing (damn hair buildup) so it gave me a chance to clean them and prevent a future near failure. So all’s well that ends well…I paid nothing and hopefully just a reset and cleaning will keep the dryer going for a long time.

We’re still isolating them upstairs but everything is going pretty well. The kids and the kittens are getting along well, no major issues. I plan to clip their nails here soon before they actually damage anything.

Calcifer and Howl

Things are going pretty well with the kittens. We do seem to have a piddle problem that we’re trying to nip in the bud with Howl. For some reason he seems to think air vents are a great place to relieve himself. We’ve blocked off one of them and moved the litter box over to the second one. We had originally tried moving the food over to the second but apparently that wasn’t a sufficient enough deterrent. The weird thing is that it isn’t an issue in the bathroom when we put them in there for the night. Who knows really.

That aside socially things with the cats are going well. They’re coming out and staying out around all of us, playing with the kids and most of the other cats could really just care less about them. Even Nibbler is making some progress. Looking forward to when they are a little more comfortable and we can clip their front nails before they destroy anything expensive!

Jun 272014

So when we went up stairs to go to bed we found this waiting for us:
kittens out and about

I have to say the progress so far is pretty good considering it’s barely been more than a day. We also got a chance to introduce them to Gizmo and Moxie and to our surprise they couldn’t have really given less of a shit at all. Bailey is also super excited about them and just wants to play (ie most likely squish by accident) with them. We’re thinking of letting them out into the rest of the 2nd floor but we’ve got to be careful about spots where previous animals might have “marked” since the kittens don’t really know better quite yet.

Jun 262014

Howl on the left, Calcifer on the right (half manx)

Even though they’ve only been here less than 24 hours things are heading in the right direction. We isolated them to our master bathroom last night since we want to slowly introduce them to our other animals but brought them back out (to the master bedroom) this morning. They are warming up to us and our three very loud children and the children have been good about being gentle with them. The best thing is they are finally starting to eat food so that’s a big relief.

Two more cats? Yes we’re probably crazy. They came from a pregnant stray a friend rescued so before they got put into the foster system and possibly split up I thought maybe this would be a good change to give our kids a chance to learn how to care for younger animals and at least keep some of them together (hence the two). We will see what happens.

Jun 252014

8 week old kittens

Just brought home two 8 week old male kittens. Going to be a little crazy around here for a while.

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Jun 122014

How to tell the difference between patriot and madman

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